Friday, September 23, 2011

ERP Functions - Maintenance 3

Last week we studied in detail about three types of maintenance activities. This week we shall see other functions related to maintenance department.

Critical Spares
Warranty, Free Service

We have seen in the last blog that all the types of maintenance activities gets involved with replacement of spares. Some of the times maintenance activity will finish without spares replacement, but in some cases replacement will be necessary. In a industry there will be different kinds of machines, therefore the parts in them will also might not be same. However some spares may also be common across many machines.  Common spares can be purchased and kept in stores as it will be useful for one or other machines. But some of spares will be very much expensive or may also bulk in size, in that case purchasing and storing them will cost more to the company. Some of spares parts will be such that they are not readily available and also if it is not replaced the machine may not run and the machine will be the major machine of production. Such spare parts are categorized as Critical Spares.

Therefore it is necessary to have proper defined spare parts SCM (Supply Chain Management).  Along with that proper stock management of the spares is also required. Especially for critical spares, Min Level, Reorder Level etc are to be defined properly in order to have very less breakdown time of the production. However excessive inventory of expensive item will add to dead money and increases inventory management cost. Therefore maintenance department has to define spares and categorize them also have to define the stock level.

Apart from spare parts management maintenance department also have to maintain the warranty, free service details of machines. This will save the huge amount of expenses to the company.

This completes the functions of Maintenance department. From next week onwards we shall see the Non- Technical functions of Industry. Starting from Human Resource Management.

Keep watching the space.

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