Sunday, September 4, 2011

ERP Functions - Maintenance 1

After long break of one month I am back now to continue our journey on ERP. So far we have gone through Sales, Planning, Supply Chain Management, Production, Quality. Now in this blog we shall move to one more supporting department Maintenance Department.

As the name tells us, Maintenance Department is to maintain the equipment of the factory in running conditions with longer durability period. The proper maintenance of equipments will ensure on time production and on time delivery there by increasing company's business.

There are basically three types of maintenance operations.

1. Preventive Maintenance: Performing activities based on predefined check lists on the equipment. The activities are performed on periodic intervals in order to ensure proper running conditions of the machine.

2. Breakdown Maintenance: This maintenance activity is performed when an equipment has stopped from performing. This is done on need basis.

3. Predictive Maintenance: These activities are done based on pre-assumptions. Usually experts of the equipments will able to grasp the problems that may arrive in future for the machine based on machine behaviors. Then in order to prevent the breakdown because of the problem maintenance activities are done.

These are major types of maintenance. In coming blogs we shall look into each type of maintenance in detail.

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