Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beginning Note

Finally I have successfully transformed my ideas of blogging about ERP into reality. I have been working as ERP Consultant for more than 4 years and visited industries of different range. Ofcourse this is not resume note of me. I am a Social entrepreneur.

Over the years of my experience in ERP I have felt that ERP is not just about softwares and computers. It is to streamline business processes in standard way so the overall monitoring and growth of Industry is possible. Softwares and computers are only for fast computation and providing data which are essential in business decision making process.I also felt that ERP is essential tool for every industry be it is SME, Medium scale or Large Enterprises.

Even though in recent years ERP softwares for SMEs and MSIs have evolved those were not able to penetrate every industrial hub of our nation. One of the major reasons is that lack of knowledge about ERP in SMEs and MSIs. Many do not know the purpose and best utilization of ERP. Still ERP softwares are compared with accounting packages like Tally. The potential of a best ERP solution is yet to be known by many industries.

This blog tries to educate such people and students of ERP and business sector. Along with this my friend Sachi is also writing blogs to educate people on management in simple terms

We hope our efforts brings the positive changes in the industries and helps them to grow higher. With that I end my beginning note...Keep looking this are for Study Of Enterprise Resource Planning SoERP!!