Sunday, October 9, 2011

ERP Functions - Human Resource Management 1

After long break of festivals lets continue the journey of our understanding of ERP. As stated in previous blog from this week we shall start discussing on Non - Technical or Non - Direct Departments of an Organization.First lets start with Human Resource Management

As the name suggest it deals with information regarding Human Resource of the company. It is eminent that company can neither be run on its own nor by the machines. Human power is needed in order to properly convert resources into saleable products/services. So it is obvious that every company will have human as resources. These human resources are called as Employees of the company.

Even though there will be many employees working in the company, each one will have definite roles and responsibilities with respect to the company's work. So based on this employees will be categorized into different segments under organization. Most of the organization follow hierarchy system, however it is depends on individual organization. General Categories of any typical organization will be Staff, Workers and Trainees. Names are self explanatory. There may be more categories under these basic categories based wage structure, work nature and other internal or statutory requirements.

Human Resource management deals with managing the Employees of the organization. Mainly Recruitment, Salaries, Attendance & Leaves, Statutory or Company provided allowances/deductions, Training, Performance tracking, Bonus, Promotions etc. We shall deal with all these on coming blogs. Keep watching this space.

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